Welcome, bienvenue sur IntoFrench Traduction

I offer French translation, machine translation post-editing, review and localization services since more than 12 years, working mainly from English into French.

You need a French translator or a reviewer for a website, an application, a report, a file, etc? My knowledge, skills and experience are here at your service.

#i18n - French Translation #Transcreation #Localization #Internationalization - #MTPE

#2024 -- I wish we all try to make this world more peaceful! A special thought to my clients and colleagues:)



English Into French Translation

IntoFrench Traduction was created in 2009 by me, Vincent Charléty, in Provence, South of France. I offer my translation services from English into French to small or global companies, direct clients and agencies. Having a broad general culture, manual and technical backgrounds, a good attention to details and some writing skills, i can handle a variety of subjects and styles. Translation and proofreading often represents a more or less complex challenge that I enjoy.

I am not a Certified translator but I do comply to my personal code of ethics in regard of my work, professional secrecy and personal data.

From English to French translation

  • I am French, 53y/o
  • Technical and various professional background
  • I provide translation/localization from English into French since 2009

For other target languages (Spanish translation, Italian translation, Ukrainian translation, German translation, etc), if your source is English, I can also work with a select team of colleagues to offer the main other European languages for your project.


Translation Experience

Domaines d'expertise

  • Machine Translation Post-Editing (#MTPE, AI translation)
  • Transcreation (marketing)
  • PDF conversion - PDF translation
  • Application localization (Android,iOS,etc)
  • IT, Networking, Data analysis, etc.
  • Website and CMS localization
  • Instructions of use
  • Technical, user manuals
  • MD Regulation
  • Human Ressources
  • Marketing
  • Health
  • Ebooks
  • Railway
  • T&C, contracts
  • Tourism
  • Standards and QMS
  • Surveys
  • Product descriptions

Some of the French translation and proofreading tasks accomplished in 2023-2024: machine translation post-editing (#MTPE), photography, photostock websites, marketing articles, application localization, web sites and applications French localization proofreading, data analysis tools related translation, Terms&Conditions translation, Contracts proofreading, etc...



To contact me, ask for a quote or a sample of my work, please don't hesitate to send me an email using the information visible at the bottom of the image below. I usually reply promptly. Thank you!